Your Opinion on Auto Pathfinding

Prize: 300 coins & 50 EXP


Quest Overview


Hey young citizen. Wanna earn some MMOsite money? These days Conquer2 team want to collect MMOsiters' Opinion on Auto Pathfinding System. If you have a free time, cast your votes for them. You will get 500 coins every day! Don't forget coins can exchange into MMOgold which can buy the game goodies at MMOsite shop

Quest Guide:
1. Accept the quest at this page.
2. Now proceed to the vote page below and vote.(Both are necessary)
* What kind of quest completion mode do you like? [VOTE]
* What kind of auto pathfinding methods will you accept? [VOTE]
3. After voting, back to this page and click "Finish it" to get you rewards.
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