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Event Overview

MMOsite has team up with ChangyouGames to give away free Item keys.

Wartune is a turn-based strategy MMO designed with numerous gameplay features such as an in-depth skill customization system, PvP and Guild arenas, and large-scale epic boss battles. Providing players with a large assortment of daily events and rewards, Wartune takes the best of the strategy, turn-based, and MMO genres to deliver a fully immersive gaming experience right to your browser. So take up arms and let the journey begin, for “the battle between good and evil awaits!” 

The items offers players with 6 different items listed below which can be redeemed in-game around level 4 or 5. 


Moderate HP Pack x1 

Bullhorn (Small) x3 Level 2 

Luck Stone x4 

Skeleton Key x1 

Manaso Band x2 

Mithril Necklace x1

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Guide to use the key

1. Reign in the Wartune website

2. Get into the game, click on 'Event Prized' in top right

3. Enter in the code and then click 'exchange'

4. Then it gets mailed to you.

5. Enjoy your game time!

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