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MMOsite have teamed up with GPLAYON to give away Waren Story beta keys.




Overview: Waren Story is an action RPG that features ten different game modes. Most revolve around player versus player combat. The game allows you to create a character however you want to, developing the skills that you’ll use in battle. With the mercenary system in game, you can cover any weaknesses you may have, and add to your strengths. The equipment in the game is customizable, allowing you to level, enhance, and socket it all. 

Description: Waren Story puts you in the center of a vicious war, fighting against monsters and other players alike. The game offers ten different modes to play in, from monsters, to duels and team combat, to full-scale guild battles. With its crisp and beautiful animations and graphics, Waren Story also offers an action-packed fighting experience. Choose to build your character however you choose with an extensive skill system, and hire powerful mercenaries to aid your cause.


 “Massive Strategic PVP System” 

 With Strategic tactical weapon, the battle is not only depending on the power but also tactical operations. 


“Tactical Command System by Commander and Advisor”

 Battle Board shows battle statues to Commander and Advisor to help them analyze the battle and command player.


“Battle System with Various Equipment” 

Usually the role of NPC is a game guide or used to complete the mission. But in Warren, the user can use the NPC to use various attack skills and strategy also the NPC can be used as weapon to attack enemy. 


"The new Guardian system of the mechanic concept based on a fusion fantasy.”

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Guide to use the key

1. Sign up from official Waren Story website 

2. Download Waren Story client 

3. Login to the game and create at least one character 

4. Click coupon under shop menu 

5. Redeem your coupon

6. Receive a gift from the character selection window

Please visit here for more detaileds about the guide: 


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