Tantra Online (PH) Free Item Key Giveaway Event

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Event Overview

MMOsite is teaming up with Tantra Online(PH) to give away free item keys. 



Free In-Game Items rewards, players will get any of this 5 items : 

Rupiah Auto collection (7days) [Auto Gold Collecting for 7days] 

PETA (7days) [Expend Inventory for 7days] 

H. Q. Peito Charm of Zosimo [All Stats +15 for 4 hours] 

H. Q. Anubaba Charm[Attack PowerUP Effect for 4 hours] 

H. Q. Atman Charm[HPUP effect for 4 hours]

About Tantra Philippines:

Tantra Philippines is live on July 6th, 10:00 AM Philippines time 2013. There are some new features. Such as 'Fly system', 'New Models', 'New Dance Moves'. Etc.

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Guide to use the key

Step 1: Go to homepage , register your account and log in to the website 

Step 2: On the User control panel, press on Use gift code, enter your key and send it. 

Your surprise gift is on the way! Get it in-game, at the storage of any map except the starter one (Mandara).

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