Operation 7(Latin) 1000 Axesocash Giveaway Event

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Event Overview

MMOsite is teaming up with Axeso5 to give away the axesocash for Operation7(Latin) to all MMOsiters. These code pins are only for the Latin Operation7 service, and can be used for all games of axeso5. Grab your cash and enjoy shopping in the game now!


Note: Remember that this key has two parts. The first one is a PIN (with 12 characters, letters and numbers-) and a SERIAL CODE (with 14 characters, letters and numbers-).

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Guide to use the key

1. Take your promotional code from MMOSITE.
2. Register yourself on the site axeso5.com, if you already posses an axeso5 account, is not necessary to register again.
3. On the axeso5.com website you will find the “CARGAR PIN” option, log-in there.
4. Inside the “CARGAR PIN” area you will find two camps.
There you will have to write down your PIN CODE and your SERIAL given by MMOsite.
(Each code is composed of two parts: a CODIGO PIN (PIN CODE) that is 12 digits long and a NUMERO SERIAL (SERIAL NUMBER) that is 14 digits long, in order to make your recharge effective remember to verify that both codes are complete.)
5. Once you write down the PIN and SERIAL, please the button “CARGA TU AXESOCASH”
Congratulations, you have your cash credited!

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