La Tale Online(NA) Extreme Starter Package Giveaway Event

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Event Overview

La Tale has a massive update and OGPlanet would like to invite gamers to experience new world called Xenadia. To celebrate its new update, MMOsite is teaming up with OGPlanet to give away extreme starter package that new players cannot miss! Get these rare & valuable items now! Other players will think you are too cool to be a new player. It is not only for new players, though. If you have stopped playing La Tale for awhile, you can still get this item package – you will know how valuable level 20 White Tiger is and you would not want to miss it, right?

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Guide to use the key

1. Login to your MMOsite account(or sign up for free) to obtain a gift key. 
2. Claim your Extreme Starter Kit here to jump start in La Tale!
3. To get items in the game, claim them at the bank in the Elias City. Gifts will be delivered to users in a week. 

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