$100,000 Flyff World Championship Bonus Pack Giveaway

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Event Overview

The final round of the $100,000 Flyff World Championship is here, and though only a lucky few made it gPotato and MMOSite have teamed up to bring everyone free celebratory items! We’ve set up a pack full fantastic items as a bonus for all our new and seasoned Flyff players to enjoy. Pick up yours today and help cheer on your favorite team!

Giveaway Item:
• Event Gift Box x1
• Scroll of Blessing x5
• Grilled Eel x1
• Magic Broom for Beginners x1

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Guide to use the key

1. Create a gPotato account and/or login.
2. Visit https://billing.gpotato.com/Fillup/FillupFrm.asp 
3. Under “Others,” select gPotato coupon.
4. Input your coupon code and click "Fill-Up Now".
5. Login to Flyff to receive your prize.

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