Flyff Valentine's Day Giveaway Event

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Event Overview

This valentine's day you’ll get more than just chocolates to nom on. Give your sweetheart the power to summon you from any location with the Couple Ring! Let them know they’re the one as you battle alongside them anytime, anywhere!

Giveaway Items*:
• 1x Love Chocolate
• 5x Milk Chocolate
• 3x Cupid Wings
• 1x Couple Ring
• 1x Crimson Butterfly Wings 3 Days

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Guide to use the key

1. Create a gPotato account.
2. Download and login to Flyff and create a character.
3. Visit https://billing.gpotato.com/Fillup/FillupFrm.asp 
4. In the menu, select gPotato coupon.
5. Input your coupon code and click "Fill-Up Now!"
6. Login to Flyff to receive your items.

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