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To celebrate MMOsite 8th Anniversary, we've teamed up with Cherry Credits to bring you Dragon Nest free item key giveaway event. 



Item Description: 

White Cupid Wings (7 Days)

About the Update of Dragon Nest SEA:

Dragon Nest SEA brings in 2 new Nest bosses, skills and maps for the highly anticipated Level 60!

SINGAPORE - May 13, 2013 - Dragon Nest SEA will be updating its current max character levels from 50 to 60 on 13 May 2013. 

Players can now embark on the next chapter of their adventures in Lagendia which include 2 powerful Nest bosses, an additional passive skills system, new learnable skills as well as 5 new stages in Lotus Marsh.

The opening of a new portal in Lotus Marsh will allow Dragon Nest lore followers to further explore the storyline in the form of 5 new maps and new quests. 

This new area has been identified as a meteor crash site, and the bad news is that the crash had corrupted and deformed many of the creatures near the site. The good news is that players of Dragon Nest SEA will be the first ones in the world to experience the dangers and trials of this new area in an English-language service!

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Guide to use the key

Promo Code Redemption Intructions:

1. Visit the homepage either to sign up or log in.

(Skip to Step 3 if you are logging in with an existing Cherry Credits account.) 

2. Fill up the registration form accurately and click on 'I Agree' to register your account. 

3. If you have a promo code, please enter it into the field accordingly on the success page after successfully signing up or logging in. 

4. Upon a valid entry of promo code, a Coupon code will be dispensed into your Cherry Messenger

Please verify your Account and log into your Cherry Messenger list to retrieve your Coupon Code. 


Coupon Code Redemption Instructions: 

1. Login to the latest game client of Dragon Nest

2. Press F11 on your keyboard while in-game to visit the Cash Shop

3. Once inside the cash shop, click on 'Enter Coupon' to key in your redemption code. 

4. After successfully entering a valid coupon code, your gift item(s) will appear in your gift box

5. Select 'Receive Gift' in your gift box to place the item(s) in your inventory. 

6. Exit the cash shop and press 'i' to open your inventory. 

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