APB: Reloaded Assault Starter Pack Giveaway

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MMOsite and GamersFirst are teaming up to bring you the assault starter pack. Get your free items here and enjoy the Free2Play APB: Reloaded now!

This Pack Includes:
3-day Scoped N-TEC 5 PR2
3-day ACT 44 Golden Marksmen
3-day Premium
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Guide to use the key

1. Log into APB Reloaded
2. Select a Character and District
3. Once In-Game bring up the “ESC” Menu and select “Armas Marketplace”
4. At the top Left of the Armas Marketplace you’ll find a link called “Redeem Code”. Click the link and enter your code.
5. Complete the process by clicking Redeem Now. You’ll find your items in your character’s mail (mail consoles can be found through-out the city).

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