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PlaySpan & MMOsite Lottery Forum Contest

MMOsite Lottery is in closed beta. New lottery numbers will be drawn and published once every three days. We will start a new thread for the upcoming lottery numbers so that MMOsite citizens can make guesses every three days.
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UltimatePoints are a virtual currency that can be used at to buy digital items and subscription codes for your favorite games.

Contest Schedule

1. Contest will begin on April 19th, 2010

2. The deadline of the contest will be May 19th, 2010

How to participate

1. Register to be a member of PlaySpan at (You will get 100 UltimatePoints as reward!).

2. Log onto MMOsite Forum with your MMOsite account.

3. Guess the next drawn lottery numbers and reply in the event thread.

Winner Selection

We will choose winners depending on the lottery numbers that are drawn. Before the lottery numbers are drawn, participants can guess the winning numbers and tell us by replying to this thread. After the numbers are drawn, we will take those numbers and match it with the guessed numbers in the thread. For example, "1/2/3/4/5/6/7", then the No. 1~7, No. 101~107, No. 201~207… repliers of the event thread will get rewarded.


Every winner will get 50UPs and 200 coins.


1. Posts must be within the deadline.

2. Obey MMOsite forum rules. You will be disqualified if you're caught breaking rules in the forum.


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